Pulse Homes

Tranquil. Timeless



Nestled in the hills of St. Andrew, on an iconic site in Stony Hill, and home to the historic Villa Ronai, the new Pulse Homes development promises to be a capsule of tropical, modern elegance. Coming in 2022, the project is a series of homes in a gated community enveloped by nature at the Northern of end of the city of Kingston, the heartbeat of Caribbean culture. Capturing both sunrise and sunset, the project is a celebration of Villa Ronai’s world of timeless beauty with its eco-friendly, art filled gardens, cool climate and spectacular views and all that. 


Life Style

Elegantly defined by its gabled peeks, the roof line forms a silhouette that floats amongst its lush forested backdrop. Sheated timber, it gathers itself in the early hours of daylight, stirring and coming to life. These homes offer a chance to enjoy the true Caribbean lifestyle, built on the idea of easy, laid back living. Pulse Homes at Villa Ronai, encourages a mindful connection to family, friends and the freedom to co-exist